Forget about the mediocre food, hung over crowd and “I think im cool and original because I have a tattoo on the back of my neck” waitresses at Swingers.  Right down the block is a perfect little restaurant sitting all by itself awaiting your arrival.  House is the best café I have dined at in a while.  Very original breakfast items (served any time of day) , amazing apps and entrees for dinner. Not to mention a pretty extensive wine and beer list.  Sitting inside is your best bet. So make a reservation (even if the chick on the phone says it’s not necessary).  During the day you’ll be inside a cute café watching the Food Network on a flat screen t.v.  And by dinner time,  the setting becomes dramatically different.  The lights go dim and jazz music plays amid the low rumble of conversing patrons.  The wait staff is super attentive (not so much if your seated outside) and the manager helps pick up any slack which is always a plus.  Although this restaurant only opened a little over a month ago, it is already packed with hungry people.

My first time at House was for breakfast and it had only been open for a week.  Being the only patrons in there Stony and I were graced with the presence of a complimentary Orange pancake.  Such a different take on an old classic.  By replacing milk with orange juice in the batter, these pancakes were super light and fluffy.  A bunch of fat blueberries are scattered throughout and the syrup is authentic, not sticky like the bottled kind.  Burrata Caprese Omelette ? Yes please!

creamy burrata

Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese, made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella while the inside has both mozzarella and cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture.*  This wonderful cheese in slipped inside an egg omelette then scattered with yellow and red tomatoes, topped with a hint of fresh basil.  As you cut deeper into the omelette the creamier the cheese becomes.  If your not a cheese fan go for the Bruchetta, Poached Eggs.  Super light and tasty.  Two pieces of lightly toasted brioche-wheat are cut just right, to fit 2 perfectly poached eggs on top.  A wonderful smashed potato placed on the side of your plate has crispy skin and seasoned with fresh herbs.  My absolute favorite is the Vegetable Frittata!  Served like a slice of pie this European omelette is loaded with farmer’s market

veggie frittata

veggies.  Yellow beets, carrots, turnips and more, each bite is absolutely delicious (kinda reminds me of the way Thanksgiving tastes).  From Turkish tea, to lattes, fresh oj and house made lemonades, your breakfast will be a fab treat.

Since House is walking distance from my house, I decided to walk over one night.  Good thing there are 2 tall bar tables in the back because the entire place was packed and it was only 7:00pm!  I snagged the last bar table sat back and watched the bustling restaurant at work.  Not being that hungry, I ordered a few appetizers and a couple of glasses of wine.  There is a super long wine list consisting of: an in-house list, a Captains list (which is a special “off menu” list) and retail wine (to-go) at a 45% discount !  Amazing!  I enjoyed sipping on one of my favorites, an ’07 Monastrell from Spain.  The Monastrell grape is used to make strong, dark red wines (and rosés), are tannic (more dry), high in alcohol content and has wild-earthy flavors with a touch of red fruit.*  Stony sipped on an ’05 Garnacha from Spain.  The Garnacha grape is generally spicy, berry-flavored and lacks tannin and acid.*  As our first app came out I couldn’t wait to dig in.  A cast iron, black pot was set between us and filled with delicious mussels in a light cream broth with diced onions,garlic and carrots.  Mussels can be chewy and


tasteless, but these were melt in your- mouth good.  Two huge slices of bread are served with this and I highly recommend dipping and soaking the hell out of your

eggplant bufala

bread in the broth.  The Eggplant Bufala came out next in another funky looking cast iron dish.  I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to eggplant parm because I like the way I make it over anyone else’s.  Piping hot, this dish was basically an eggplant sandwich, which is an interesting way to serves an appetizer, or tapas.  It wasn’t overly fried so I was able to scoop out the flesh of the eggplant and enjoy it alone.  The sauce fell short and the cheese wasn’t as melty, but again I really like the way my family and I make tomato sauce, so anything else usually doesn’t interest me.  The mini cheese plate was fun.  Fresh ricotta and bufala mozzarella drizzled in a light oil with a thick piece of soft, warm bread.  Yum !  I’m super stoked to go back for more!  On the Specials Board was a Lobster Roll that sounds divine and a Polenta with Marscapone Cheese appetizer – a must!

Open from 8 am to 11 pm your sure to have a fab meal! House is a home for good food!

8114 beverly blvd, los angeles 90048


7 days a week
8 am to 11pm

Helpful Hints

* always make a reservation

* sit inside if possible

* try a tasty wine or beer on tap

* ask for a fish taco so that they finally put it on the menu!

* valet available at night, plenty of parking during the day


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