An authentic Italian meal is definitely hard to find, especially in Los Angeles.  Growing up in Queens NY, I often feel a little snobby when it comes to Italian food.  Just having spent a 2 week holiday in Queens, I had the best Italian food one can eat: my mom’s, my grandmother’s and my aunt’s.  I’ve yet to find the restaurant that makes a sauce like these women do which is why when I want Italian I just whip it up myself.  That was of course until I ate at Terroni.

On the corner of Curson and Beverly this no-reservation restaurant sits perfectly poised awaiting your arrival.  Need to wait for a table? Take a seat at the bar and sip on an Espresso Corretto , spiked with Grappa or Sambuca, or allow the savvy bartenders to pour you an exquisite glass of vino.  Daily selections of food and wine are displayed around the restaurant on chalk boards and the wine picks are always on point.  For the more daring wine drinker take a peak at the selective wine list that the Sommelier has put together.  My absolute fav red wine is the VinoBarbaresco, made from the Nebbiolo grape.  The typical style of a Barbaresco has the aroma of roses or violets with flavor notes of cherry, truffles, fennel and licorice (yum)!  Never be afraid to ask your server or bartender for a taste of vino before purchasing a glass or bottle.

Once seated get ready for an amazing array of food to grace your table!  Looking over the menu is definitely going to confuse you and your absolutely going to need to dine here at least 3 times to get your list of favorites started.  There will be a loose insert inside the regular menu featuring specials for the night.  The grilled eggplant, rolled and stuffed with fresh mozzarella is drizzled with a sweet, basil marinara sauce, the kind I never thought I’d taste again after my grandma Jean passed away.  So deliciously homemade tasting I found it hard to share this appetizer with my date.  With that being said I definitely needed more food pronto.  If you’re a fan of mushrooms then the Funghi Assoluti is a must!   This Arugola salad is mixed in a light oil, topped with perfectly baked Oyster Mushrooms.   These mushrooms have a light coating of crusted Parmigiano and are soaked with an amazing balsamic glaze, leaving your palette with a warm, sweet taste-sensation!  Caprese salads can be boring but definitely not at Terroni.  Market fresh yellow tomatoes diced and herbed with fresh basil and oregano, lay alongside Mozzarella Di

Caprese Con Mozzarella Di Bufala w/ Oil Drizzle

Bufala.  As to not alter the milky texture of the Bufala this salad is not served with balsamic vinegar, but with a light drizzle of oil.  Are you a meat lover?  At an additional cost, add some Prosciutto di Parma to your Caprese for the ultimate meat and cheese plate!

Pasta lovers beware, your about to head into the Primi section of the menu.  With fourteen different pasta dishes to choose from you’ll feel deliciously overwhelmed.  Each dish is made fresh to order with homemade pasta.   The Mezze-Maniche alla Norma is the perfect dish for a first experience.  Not too complicated, this simple Rigatoni is in a light tomato sauce with grilled eggplant, basil, garlic and topped with shredded Ricotta Salad.  Ricotta Salad is solid ricotta cheese that’s unbelievably tasty.  Because of this dish I now buy a block of

Mezze-Maniche alla Norma

Ricotta Salad when making pasta to grate over the top!  The Spaghetti ca’ Muddica is packed with intense flavors.  Homemade Spaghetti with anchovies, black olives, cherry tomatoes, capers, parsley and toasted bread crumbs.  Even if you think your not an anchovy person I highly recommend you try this dish.  The anchovies flawlessly blend in with the other ingredients.  There is no strong fish taste here,  just an array of flavors that work so well together when combined.  The black olives do not overwhelm the dish like most olive dishes do but compliment the tartness form the capers.  Toasted bread crumbs in a shaker was always seated next to the grated cheese at my grandmother’s dinner table and to be able to order a spaghetti dish the same way is such a delight!  Don’t bother asking for a dish with or without something, there are NO changes with anything on the menu.  Be a taste risk

Tagliatelle and Wild Boar Rague

taker and try something you wouldn’t normally eat, you may be surprised.  Especially when there is a Taglatelle and Wild Boar Ragu special !

Pizza lovers should take a seat around the chef’s table and watch the masters at work.  Served Southern Italian style, all pizzas come uncut.  So bring your carving skills to the table.  The Margherita Pizza is not only tasty but one of the most traditional Neapolitan Pizza (pizza napoletana). Authentic Neapolitan pizzas are made with the tastiest ingredients like San Marzano Tomatoes which grow on the volcanic plains to the south of Mount Versuvias.  At the top of their menu Terroni has an asterisk stating * Our tomato sauces are 100% DOP San Marzano.   The dough for each pizza is kneaded by hand and later, is formed by hand without the help of a rolling-pin.   The pizza must be baked for 60-90 second in a 485 C stone oven with an oak-wood fire. Neapolitan pizza has been given the status of a “guaranteed traditional specialty” in Italy.

Margherita Pizza

With crispy, flakey and tender crusts any topping will do on these pizzas. If your a goat cheese lover you have to try the Da Do a Da which is topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, goat cheese, eggplant and roasted red peppers.  So much is going on with this pizza in the flavor department.  Creamy goat cheese mixed with sweet tomato sauce while biting into a roasted pepper is so mouth-wateringly good.  Crispy eggplant mixed with melted mozzarella is the perfect accompaniment to this not so traditional brick oven pizza.  Never feel bad to ask for grated cheese, especially here.  In a plastic container equipped with its own shaving tool comes a block of parmesan cheese that you can grate yourself over any dish!  If your a spice lover, a colander of red-hot peppers mixed with olive oil is also available.

Weather your Terroni experience is lunch or dinner your stomach thank you.  Fresh ingredients being enjoyed in a fun environment is always a fabulous choice to me!

Helpful Hints

*Terroni does not take reservations; either get there early or wait at the bar

*There are NO substitutions on any dish

*Funky English to Italian CDs are played in the bathroom

*An old black and white movie always is shown on a screen near the ceilings with subtitles

* All pizzas are served Uncut

* Be sure to ask for the fun do-it-yourself grating cheese

Open 7 days a week

9:00 to 23:00 Sunday through Thursday

9:00 to 24:00  Friday and Saturdays

7605 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 954-0300


3 responses to “Terroni

  1. Another amazing review that left me hungry after I’ve already eaten. I cannot wait to check this place out!

  2. Great work, Shanna! Keep it up!

  3. Great review! I am making my way there around 2!
    My mouth is watering already.

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