headerOh wine and cheese, why are you such temptresses?  With your creamy white skin and your burgundy river of delight.  I find myself walking pasting Froma a little too often these past few weeks.  Living 2 blocks away isn’t helping much either.  The ultimate wine and cheese shop thats not just a shop but a place to stay and enjoy.  When coming across these hidden pleasures always allow yourself the chance to experience something different.  Not yet overly exposed , although open for 2 years, Froma is tucked away amongst the overpriced shopper’s row on Melrose.  You may have a double take while browsing designer windows and suddenly seeing 2 faces staring back at you with tipsy smiles sloshing around their glasses of vino.   With me being the tipsy smiler, I’ve seen passerby’s reactions- stepping away looking up at the sign and not knowing what to do just was walk on starring back at my wine glass half empty.  If you find yourself in this very situation just walk in ! Have a look around and get completely engrossed with everything Froma has to




Upon entering the narrow shop, your eyes immediately take in the large deli case filled with meats and cheeses.  Big chalk boards above the counter tell you everything that’s being offered that day.  To the wall left of you, the most boutique looking pastas, sauces and spices.  Paired with mason jars are pickled veggies and homemade crushed tomatoes.  Exquisite hand made pastas that you definitely won’t find in your local Ralphs, and delicious freshly baked baguettes.  On the far wall , bottled sodas, waters and some homemade yogurt and granola.  The best part of this little shop of fabulous? The six small counter spaces where you can sit enjoy some wine and cheese.

Smokeed Salmon with Creme Fraiche and Capers

Smokeed Salmon with Creme Fraiche and Capers

My first few visits were exactly the same for I was fearful to stray from the cheese and crostinis.  With Joanie in town and much needed catch up time, we ventured down the block and took a seat by the deli counter.  Ordering a Bordeaux and a Pinot Noir we browsed the menu.  Plat de Fromage – your choice of 3 to 6 cheeses and for a bit more in price you can add the Charcuterie: cured meats and French pate.  We chose a plate of 4 cheeses and selected 3 of the fabulous Crostini.  From 11 to choose from it was difficult but the end resulted in Burrata cheese with Sundried Tomato , Smoked Salmon with Herb Creme Fraiche and Gorgonzola Dolce with Bosc Pear and Raw Honey.  Can I write OMG like im 12? Because that’s the only way to describe everything!  The Burrata was cold and creamy against the firm Sundried Tomato with a fresh

piece of Basil smacked right in the middle.  The Smoked Salmon was the perfect following, thinly sliced with a dollop of creme fraiche and a little burst of protein.  Gorgonzola with pears and honey? The best sweet tooth quencher! The natural sweetness from the pear is even more powerful when honey is added and the tart tasting cheese is the perfect compliment.  Don’t worry about choosing the wrong cheese for your cheese plate, its chosen for you by a cheese expert, which is exciting because you will probably taste cheese you wouldn’t have picked for yourself.

A little more adventurous the next visit, a superb Artichoke and Roasted Red Pepper Omlette was prepared for me,

Froma Panini

with definite Julia Childs customs, lot’s of butter and still a tad runny.   Stony decided on a panini, the Espagnola with Serrano ham, Spanish cheese and Roasted peppers, while a friend in town chose the Ham, Egg and Cheese panini.  The Espagnola was perfectly executed with spice from the ham and pepper colliding with the melting cheese.  As far as breakfast sandwiches are concerned you can’t stray too far from a ham, egg and cheese (unless your me where I’d add some salmon or blue crab).

As I sit here now sipping on a Chateau La Croix Martelle, Gran Reserve 2000, I’m most satisfied with Froma’s cafe-cuisine and the ‘pick of the week’ wine.  Owner Francine Diamond has definitely chose a winner this week with 44% Syrah, 30% Grenacha, 20% Mourvedre, 6% Cinsalt and aged 18 months in Oak Barrels, this wine is intense.  Paired with pasta, cheese and eggplant is a fabulous choice as well.

Picnic Baskeet

Picnic Basket

From breakfast and salads to cheese and wine this European meats LA cafe is hard to beat.  Stop in for a bottle of vino for your dinner or some cheese for an antipasta! A wonderful reminder : every 3rd Saturday is an outstanding wine tasting from 5 to 7!  Bring your inner Sommelier out to play!

7960 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(P) 323‐653‐3700
(F) 323‐653‐3703

Hours: Open 7 Days/Week
Monday –Saturday: 9:00 a.m. To 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. To 7:00 p.m.
Ask about our Wine & Cheese tasting, first
and third Saturday of the month

Helpful Hints

*everything is to stay or to-go

*picnic baskets available

*catering available

*every 3rd Saturday wine and cheese tasting


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