Kitchen 24

nav_01-linkedAll your meals wrapped up deliciously in 1 restaurant.  Open all day and night Kitchen 24 awaits your arrival sitting  perfectly located on Cahuenga near bar-hoppers delight.  The perfect pre-game place with Happy Hour Specials to the dinner-esque After Hours setting K24 , as they call themselves, is equipped with all the breakfast, lunch, dinner and ton’s of in between surprises you could ask for.  No need to make a reservation because K24 won’t allow it!  Snag a booth in the window or a bar stool below the dj both and enjoy a fab meal with some indoor/outdoor people watching.

After a few hours of shopping down the block at Space 15 Twenty I staggered hungrily into Kitchen 24.  Only being about 6:30pm, the dining room was moderately crowded.  With a much needed martini in hand I caroused the menu.  Not much of a meat lover my eyes landed on the K24 Tuna Burger with a chopped  Ahi Tuna patty served on a toasted sweet french roll.  As if slightly seared tuna isn’t tasty enough a creamy Wasabi Mayo is slathered all over followed by thinly sliced Pickled Ginger!  A sushi lovers delight! Being completely satisfied after chowing down the tuna burger and not able to eat another morsel, I lived vicariously through the 2 girls sitting at the bar excitedly eating their Skillet Apple Pie topped with vanilla ice cream.  They dove into the black skillet housing warm apple pie as though there was a prize at the bottom with huge smiles on their faces.

My next arrival at Kitchen 24 was after a few hours of watching a friend pour drinks at Beauty Bar a few doors down.  Around 11pm and having that post drinking hunger, I watched as people flooded through the doors in a similar state.  Yummy greasy

Veggie Chili Cheese Fries

Veggie Chili Cheese Fries

food is exactly what everyone has on their mind and I succumb to the peer pressure of my taste buds.  I hear myself ordering the Chili Cheese Fries and am so delighted that the fries are topped with Veggie Chili and Cheddar Cheese!  Once placed in front of me the dish looks like a mini baked ziti and a fork is a must when eating this, in order to scoop up all the spicy chili and herbed cheese.  What goes best with fries? Burgers of course! Having just tackled a Chickpea

Chick Pea Burger

Chick Pea Burger

Burger recipe I was delighted to see that the Veggie Burger consisted of …Chickpeas! Thick tomatoes and paper thin pickles sits atop slices of onions , crisp lettuce and luscious mayo.  My favorite side dish is among the menu and I’m so pleased to say the Coleslaw is the perfect combination of crunchy and creamy. On the non veggie side of things my dining partner delved into a thick juicy Turkey Burger.  Served the same way as my Veg Burger, Stony decided to add loads of Avocado and melted cheese.  I quote him when saying ‘ it was one of the best turkey burgers I ever had.  Lean and not to big, the outside was crunchy and the inside soft.’  My third dining companion decided on a completely different meal.  The Hash Brown Salmon Florentine topped with a Poached Egg and Paprika Hollandaise.  Possibly the most different style of breakfast I’ve seen or tasted in a long time.  This breakfast salmon was so amazing I was thinking about it the next morning at breakfast, staring at my bowl of Special K.  Crispy slices of potatoes crushed around flaky, tender  salmon.  As you cut down with your fork the poached egg yolk bursts open and cascades over salmon and potato.  The spiced hollendaise brings the whole dish together and coats your tongue in a

Skillet Dessert

Skillet Dessert

heavenly way.  Be sure to get the perfect forkful of salmon-potato, egg and hollendaise.  Whatever time you decide to walk in Kitchen 24 will always be the right time!

Open 24/7 (except Monday’s from 5a to 9:30a for maintenance). No Reservations Accepted. First come, first served. Valet parking is available 7 days, 11a-3p (free) & 7p-4a ($10.00). 1608 N. Cahuenga Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028   323.465.2424


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