Cliffs Edge

When pulling into the tiny valet off of Sunset Blvd., you wouldn’t expect to find the gem that hides within.  Past a charming wooden door , behind an array of foliage, sits an exquisite outdoor venue equipped with delicious food , friendly faces and a quaint decor.  Upon entering, you immediately notice the 2 level outdoor seating, has been built around a lovely tree.  Any which way you look, candles burn brightly along your walk to your table.

The first time dining at Cliffs Edge was in March, on a rainy day and with a table of 15 friends.  One month later on a beautiful evening my second dinner  was had with just a table for 2.  Both experiences were fabulous! After living in New York for so long I had completely forgot about the wonders of dining out side on any old night of the week.  With just a slight chill in the air , over head heat lamps were switched on ,  feeling as if you were in the comfort of your kitchen.  Not only is the menu perfect for any dietary restriction, a ‘special’ menu is presented with even more tasty delights, including a vegan soup!  When dining with my friends we opted to get a few bowls of french fries with a Gorgonzola dipping sauce, along with green zucchini pieces topped with a creamy ricotta cheese, baked in tomato sauce.  A word to the wise, the Plolenta with mushrooms, tarragon and shaved reggiano could be a meal in itself …a delicious meal for sure….but just beware if you starting with this ! I had a taste of the Saffron Risotto with Shrimp and Sun Dried Tomatoes and was surprised at how nicely the risotto was cooked, which could definitely be tricky.  On my quieter visit for 2, I stayed on the lighter side of the menu, Antipasti and Insalate.  Starting out with the Spicy Ahi Tuna Tartar, with Mango and Sesame-Seaweed was an incredible choice.  Don’t let the $15 price mislead you, this Antipasti was not only packed with spiciness and loaded with tuna, it could have easily been a meal on its own.  Sitting beside our Tartar was a medium sized bowl filled to brim of Steamed Mussels with Fresh Tomatoes, Fenel and Pernod—> Pernod is a type of liquor called pastis and has a very slight anise taste.  Upon finishing our two Antipasti, and a delish glass of Malbec, our Salads arrived. The Roasted Beet and Mixed Greens with Herbed Goat Cheese was a perfect fit after my multiple Antipasti.  I’m proud to say I resisted dessert due to being full but was disappointed when I saw my waitress carrying 2 frosted beer mugs loaded with ice cream to another table! After glancing at the dessert menu I learned there were 2 sections for desserts?! I’ll be skipping the Antipasti next and definitely leave room for desert!

Spicy, Mango, Tuna Tartar with Seaweed and Wontons


Steaming Steamed Mussels



Saturday &Sunday

11AM until 300PM



600PM until Closing

When checking out the Menu online- be aware that it varies in-house.


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  1. Very well described! I cant wait to return. I love you cliffs edge

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